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Ep 38. Doc G — part 2 getting to 5X income as an internist in a competitive market

Doc G  This is part 2 so if you didn’t listen to part 1 (ep. 37), do so first. How did this internal medicine physician achieve a high net worth ($6M) at a young age? How was he able to 5X his income from the time he started practicing to now as a primary care…

About This Site

I created this site as a resource for physicians, dentists, and other health professionals and to have a place to discuss financial topics (on our Facebook group: Doctor money matters). Doctors have long been targets of the financial industry due to high incomes and generally poor financial knowledge.

As noted in the book "The Millionaire Next Door", physicians are relatively poor accumulators of wealth despite their high incomes. Lets change this and improve our financial security.

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